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Avant is a community peer support movement of saving lives, inspiring people and improving the recovery ecosystem.  Peers have the ability to motivate and help others in ways no one else can.  By sharing experiences, connections and guidance we can help change lives and improve society.  People do not have to live in suffering, it is our responsibility to be part of the solution.

We are friends helping friends reconnect with life and bridge gaps where people fall in addiction, mental illness and homelessness.  Those suffering lose direction, disconnect from self-worth and their reason to live.  Our mission is helping people achieve fulfillment in life while leading a movement of supporting one another to improve the landscape of recovery, healing and inspired living. 

A team of us, certified Peer Recovery Support Specialists, with first-hand experience in these traumas, street realities and struggles have united to support people through their journey and raise awareness around solutions to roadblocks hindering recovery.  Our purpose is helping people find their reason to live while strengthening a support movement of conscious living.  Through our experiences and insights we know we are not our addictions, illnesses nor circumstances and deserve the chance to live with hope, purpose and passion.

Avant offers motivation and guidance throughout the entire continuum of care, supporting growth at every stage to drive actions, opportunities and results for a better way of living.  We support life transformations by:

  • Motivating individuals through the recovery journey and in their community.
  • Developing sustainable life, wellness and legal resolution plans.
  • Providing inspiration, education, support groups and individual mentoring.
  • Demystifying stigmas around addiction, co-occurring disorders and the symptoms they perpetuate.
  • Capturing  the collective story and narratives of recovery, supportive evidence and analytics to drive individual change, industry advancement and social good.

Avant’s philosophy is simple: do good, save lives and help people find inspiration, hope, purpose and passion.  People are not defined by addiction or mental illness so should not feel embarrassed, worthless or less human.  Everyone is unique and has a lot to offer when empowered to do better.  By sharing the human connections in our journey we can offer guidance, inspiration and support others to write their own new storyline. People do not have to live in suffering, it is our duty to help.